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Features For Employers

Employers need to deal with millions of tasks a day, Automate what does not need your attention.

Schedule Calendar

Our Calendar is optimized to show you all the necessary information in one screen.

Quick Hiring

Need worker immediately ? Post a job on the platform and get work done.

3 Wage Types

Looking for ways to pay workers ? Pay by hour, per day or do a contract.

Powerful Dashboard

All the jobs in your area at your fingertips with our Dashboard.

Mobile App

No computer? No problem Linkage Web app is available on mobile too.

Time Sheet

Time Sheet is a software that allows employer to adjust the timing of job and their workers.

Are you eligible to work in Canada ?

You can work legally in canada if you are on study permit, Post Graduate Work permit, Temporary Foreign Worker or Permanent Residence. Share your resume with us for further assessment of your profile.

DLI Institutes and full time student
Flexible Hours
Weekdays/Weekend Shifts
Decent Pay
CV Prepration
Interview Prepration

Job stability for your PGWP

Post Graduate Work Permit
Open Work Permit
Better Opportunities
Relevant Job
Immigration Services
Resume Screening
Interview Prepration

Opportunities to get PR

Temporary Foreign Worker
Valid Job Offer
Bonded with Employer
PR Support if eligible
Spouse open work permit

Immigration Services if required

Contact us to apply LMIA

Fastest way  to apply for LMIA
for work permits

If you are an Employer and need help to apply for LMIA to hire Temporary Foreign Workers.

Features For Workers

Great Workers need great tools to do work effectively , we offer those tools under one umbrella.

Time Planner

Schedule your jobs and time properly with our powerful tools.

Control Location

We ask for your location to show you nearest jobs and save travel time.

Custom Suggestions

When Signing up , choose your desired field of work to get priority on those jobs.

Work Opportunities

There are no limits so you can work the way you want and make money

Mobile App

We make it very accessible to you since linkage web app in available on mobile too

In Demand Jobs

Explore our linkage hire platform for the job that best suits you.

Our Vision

Our vision as we believe in Canada's continued outlook;

1. Be recognized as the top global provider of recruitment solutions of choice for employers across Canada who have a need for specific skills or competencies that cannot be filled through their local job market.

2. Be acknowledged as the top recruitment provider of choice for employers across Canada in need of specific skills or competencies and help improve the Canadian economy by working to minimize gaps in the country's labor market.

At Sterling Recruitment Solution ltd., we understand the needs of employers and employees to fulfill shortage of labor in Canada.

Our Mission

We strive to provide our clients with the highest quality employment solutions by recruiting Canadian and international workers that best meet their specific requirements. At the same time providing quality employment opportunities to international workers with specialized skills. We intend to achieve this mission through a commitment to our business practices designed to ensure the highest value for our clients and its employees.

We use our knowledge and expertise to help Canadian employers meet all their diverse workforce and employment requirements through a variety of consulting services and recruitment services that aim to match them with the best possible candidates worldwide.

What Fits you Best ?

Not only One, but we offer many categories of workers

Remote Worker
Temporary Worker
Permanent Worker
Seasonal Worker

3 Wage Types

Looking for ways to pay workers ? You can pay by hour , day or by doing a contract

Per Hour

Pay by the number of hours

Per Day

Make things easy by per day rate

Contract Based

Decide the rate in advance and do contract

Popular Categories

At Sterling, we have great diversity in jobs. Here are a couple of jobs which are most popular
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are few of the frequently asked questions by our helpful users

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